QuestionsCategory: Child WelfareIs anyone attending NCASA Annual Conference in DC this year?
Jennifer Mylenek asked 9 months ago
Mary Collard replied 9 months ago

I’m planning on it.

Jesus Rome replied 9 months ago

Jennifer, I’m hoping to send several again this year to DC. It seems more expensive than prior years so Umatilla Morrow CASA group will probably be much smaller than in the past. I hope to see you all there!

Debra Gilmore replied 9 months ago

I’m planning to go.

Robin Christian replied 9 months ago

Can’t afford it.

Kari Rieck replied 8 months ago

We can’t afford it either. I have a difficult time spending donated dollars to attend.

3 Answers
Greg Dalton Staff answered 9 months ago

Jennifer M. estimated expenses for the National CASA/GAL Association Conference (see below) and asked Janet Savarro about Title IV-E Reimbursement. Per Janet, the below would be reimbursed at “75% level times IV-E eligibility rate”:
Estimated costs:
Airfare = $538
DEI training $175

Susan Erickson replied 9 months ago

That’s a great reminder Debra and, given the reimbursement potential, makes the possibility of some of our program going more viable.

Mary Collard answered 9 months ago

Is anyone interested in an Airbnb? Every time I’ve gone to DC conference (I think I’ve only missed one) I have stayed in silver spring at my cousins and taken the train in and it was so easy. If we all get a place with a lot of beds, we could do the same? Here’s an example. I’m willing to search and book if I get some commitment. 

well shoot I have no clue how to do a photo. I will send on email! 

Debra Gilmore replied 8 months ago

I’m interested in this!

Greg Dalton Staff answered 8 months ago

Team – in case you missed the National CASA/GAL announcement, they are offering grants to cover registration fees (need to log in to access this page): 
This was in the e-news sent by National CASA/GAL Association on 2/13/2020.