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Greg Dalton Staff asked 7 months ago

Hey team, hope you are all well and safe. I know we have some attorneys and have some folks with direct access to attorneys. Do any of you know if a CASA Director or CASA Supervisor can order a CASA not to go to court or can we order the CASA to only appear by telephone or video? Since the CASA is a party to the case, do we have that legal authority to restrict their physical presence?

Mary Collard replied 7 months ago

My message out to the volunteers (which I took pieces from several directors who shared with me) were we don’t want them to attend (for now) and to make sure reports are in early. I didn’t particularly ORDER anything but I think it is morally and socially irresponsible for anyone to go if they can attend by phone (which is not possible in most of my courts because attorneys get first priority on line) or at the very least have a report there. Two of our courts are closed right now with the third probably closing tmro. I’m super interested to see everyone’s replies. I think a unified voice as a state on this (as much as possible with our unique counties) would be great. I have one or two advocates who think that since they’re off work it’s great for them to spend more time with their kids and I’m a big meanie head. But as someone with a compromised immune system, I am being just that. With info changing so quickly every hour it is hard to know what to put out there! We’ve just told everyone to keep up on their emails for changes.

Ps…am I missing something that when I receive my email saying there is a question on here and I hit answer (or reply or whatever it says) I have to go through at least two sign ins and then go to Q and A tab? I just assume I’m doing something wrong here?
Y’all be safe out there!!! MaryC

Debra Gilmore replied 7 months ago

Hi Mary – re: your P.S. – rather than clicking on links in the notification email, try coming directly to the website, log in as needed (if you visited recently you may not need to log in again), and navigate to the Member Tools Q&A. Thank you!

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Greg Dalton Staff answered 7 months ago

Attached is the most recent Chief Justice Order, dated 16 March 2020, addressing restrictions on dependency and other hearings. Paragraph 8 of the order addresses Expectations for Lawyers. I’ve asked for similar clarification to be added for CASAs (whether staff or volunteers).
There is an emergency JCIP Advisory Committee Meeting being held late this afternoon to seek stakeholder input into longer-term restrictions. If this lasts 1-2 months more, 3-4 months more, or longer than that — what are additional considerations for the court with respect to dependency hearings? Are there hearings that must take place other than what is in the current order? Are there additional restrictions or other specific modifications to the order that you’d recommend?

Alysha Shipley replied 7 months ago

Debra, I can forward you some conversations that have been happening in Lane County if those would be helpful to review.

Alysha Shipley answered 7 months ago

Here is something I put together for volunteers in Lane County.
The only hearings our courts are having right now are Shelter/Original Hearings-unless a motion is filed by a party and the court finds good cause to call parties to court (which would likely happen remotely).
We are not appointed until after jurisdiction in Lane County.
I am still having our staff submit any reports written for postponed hearings, after confirming with the court they would welcome that information.
I have another document I sent to the judges and community partners and can email it, since I can;t seem to attach it here if you comment with your email.
Feel free to contact me me if you would like to discuss anything. 541-868-3091

Debra Gilmore replied 7 months ago

Thank you!