Greg Dalton Staff asked 7 months ago

Hello CASA team, I’m looking for any plans, protocols, or advice you would like to share on structuring your staff when they are working from home. I’m most concerned about helping them find structure and sanity while learning this new approach to their work during our current crisis. Micromanagement is not an option because that is not how I roll. Haha. 
Thanks in advance for any advice and resources. 

Mary Collard replied 7 months ago

We tend to work remotely a lot already, so this isn’t really that new to us. Micromanaging is not my thing either and thank goodness I have a good team where I don’t have to worry about that right now. I am just encouraging more communication than we normally have and check ins. I can see their email accounts and go through and make sure that discovery is being opened and sent, etc if I need to. We have not had any issues adapting to that part of this crisis yet! Good Luck!!!!

Greg Dalton Staff replied 7 months ago

Thanks Mary, That’s pretty much what we are doing as well. Checking in more frequently and doing some mental health work.

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Greg Dalton Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi Greg – the attached memo and agreement are from our Oklahoma CASA colleagues, whose HR consultant sent them to them. Hope these are helpful!

Debra Gilmore replied 7 months ago

I had to add them as PDFs here. I made an HR subfolder in the File Library’s COVID-19 folder and added them as Word docs there.