QuestionsCategory: Program Management and FundingDo you have ideas for gathering VOCA Outcome Measures?
Greg Dalton Staff asked 9 months ago

For gathering the Outcome Measures for VOCA reporting, last quarter I created a web form with the questions and post it on our foster parent Facebook page. I had an amazing return and it save us a lot of staff time in not having to make so many calls. I found that our foster parents were more honest as well when they could fill out the form instead of taking on the phone or face to face with a staff member. No kids names, foster parents can use initials instead of full name. Gotta keep that confidentiality up!

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Renee Buchanan answered 9 months ago

From Mary Collard:
I’m still stuck on “our foster parents’ Facebook page”. That’s a thing? I am promising my first born to them just to beg for a blind copy of an email group of fosters so I can send them a newsletter because they won’t read the one DHS sends IF they send one. I’d. LOVE for my managers and me to have the ability to have more contact with the Fosters.  They need that and so do we!  Thanks for this leverage that I am going to bring up at a meeting next week. Love it!

Kari Rieck replied 9 months ago

They need to provide you full contact information of the foster parent and parent. If you don’t have it, put it in your report and ask the judge to order that they provide it to you within 2 business days. They also have to provide it to the child’s attorney. Just went through this in Lincoln.