QuestionsCategory: Program Management and FundingDo you have great staff meeting ideas?
Alysha Shipley asked 1 year ago

Hi everyone!
I am looking for some fresh ideas on running Program Staff Meetings. We currently meet as a staff once per month for about an hour. The meeting consists of myself (Program Director), CASA Supervisors(5) and Training Coordinators(2) and our Intake Coordinator.

Do you have a format for staff meetings? How often do you meet? What do you discuss?

I would like to make this time as engaging and meaningful as possible so people walk away feeling like it was not a waste of time or resources. I just feel like our format could use some refreshing, so I’d love to hear what other programs are doing.

Jill Bower replied 1 year ago

As a staff we meet weekly on Wednesday mornings. Our agenda is based on what staff has emailed me the week before (case/adv issues, good news, etc). We start with either gratitude for something or someone in our lives (doesn’t have to be staff but typically is!) or a fun question (what is your most used emoji?). We then start in on the agenda. Hope this helps!

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Susan Erickson answered 1 year ago

We meet every other week with the structure outlined in the attached agenda.  I tried to rotate leadership of each meeting, so it was not always me, but that did not take 🙁
Love the idea of starting with a gratitude or a fund question.

Jennifer Mylenek answered 1 year ago

We have a weekly full staff meeting, which includes our Family Finding Coordinators, and then our Deputy Director holds a separate weekly program meeting with case supervisors.  Both meetings give opportunities to problem solve, bond, and celebrate the work. Our full staff meeting starts with my updates, then the DD’s updates, then our Development Manager’s updates, then Family Finding updates.  Throughout the meeting we are asking everyone to share their success stories.  It is a fun, relaxed meeting that people really enjoy attending.  On occasion, we will do a pot luck breakfast for our staff meetings.  We’ve also have, on an annual basis, our financial advisor in to talk about the plan, health insurance provider, and AFLAC provider.